The Grand Reveal! The R/C Aircraft dedicated to Roy Pointer ID#01000

Well the time has come to post my creation that started it all. I dedicate this plane to my grandfather Roy Pointer. If you read the about/dedication section of the website, that will give you a little more of the story. This little beauty is a Carl Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer Kit Build by Jeffrey Kretz of Brown Deer, WI. Or as I say, I built it. It was quite fun and will definitely lead to more in the future! It is styled after a Stearman (yes I know a Stearman is a bi-plane, but I love the colors!). It is powered by an OS LA 40. It swings a 3 blade prop. The servos are all Futaba and it is covered in Monokote. The wingspan is 62″ wide and it is 48″ long tip to tail. Installed is a full lighting kit in the wings, tail, and under-wing. This added a great extra flair with all of the lights blinking and shining! Take a look at the pictures and notice the lights! I really enjoyed building it for my grandfather and had a blast revealing it to him on his 86th birthday! I used his birthday, 05/06/1925 as the “unit” number “5625” and I used my grandmothers birthday, 01/09/1927, as the registration number “N1927” on the tail. they Both enjoyed it a lot! What a great experience building this great kit given to me from my grandfather! I think I have about 120 hours into it. Hope you enjoy my slice of R/C Aviation Art! (Click on the pictures below for a Gallery of photos!)


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