Restoration Log

Currently we have several aircraft that we are repairing, recovering, or re-powering. Included are the following:

1. A Great Planes Taylorcraft 20

2. A 1960’s Control Line Airplane

3. An electric Cub that had shipping damage

4. A superb P-40 Tomahawk

5. A 1950’s Ring Master Control Line airplane built in New Jersey(I’ve named it The Jersey FlyBoy!)

6. A smaller Control Line with German markings

Our goal is to try and bring these aircraft either back to what they were originally or if that’s not possible, then take what we have been given and make some R/C Aviation Art! If anyone has old aircraft needing repair, or needing to be cleaned and restored, let us know. We love working on these beautiful creations!

Taylorcraft Pics

Thanks to Dave for the original Taylorcraft 20 plans that are really helping get this beauty back together. Here are a few pictures of the control surfaces that we rebuilt. still a ways to go, but its coming along!

1960’s Line Control (i know, it’s technically not R/C, but since it’s vintage and extremely cool, I’ll make an exception…)

Electric Cub, damaged in shipping, the left wing was crushed by USPS. Mostly repaired, waiting on covering to ship in.

Jersey Fly Boy

This 1950’s control line aircraft was built in New Jersey about 50 years ago and was shipped to me in Wisconsin for a restoration. The wings were pretty tore up and the old paper was dried and falling apart. Fortunately, after removing the damaged covering, the rest was in pretty good shape. With a little prep and dope, the paper covering shrunk perfectly into place and it is being painted now. The engine compartment and the Enya engine were in pretty rough shape. I removed the engine and completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt it. It spins and compresses just like the day it came out of the factory! After some sanding and prep, I painted the engine compartment and re-installed the engine. I also sanded and repainted the landing gear and installed the original wheels. There is still a little ways to go on matching the paint and getting the finish correct. Unfortunately, during shipping the canopy was smashed. I had to drill a tiny hole, and using a heat gun and tube, blow air into it while heating it to get it to expand. it mostly worked, but the canopy is a little sideways, but 100% better than what it was. I’ll post it in the Aircraft Archive as soon as it is finished. Enjoy the progress so far! (Click on the pictures for a larger viewable gallery)

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