The Super Chipmunk! A Great Aerobatic Aircraft Built By A Master Builder! ID# 01008

Check out this Carl Goldberg Kit! The Super Chipmunk! This aircraft is truly amazing and was built by a master builder. It was built by long time expert builder John Gadeikis in southeast Wisconsin. The aircraft measures about 54″ in length and the wingspan is 65″ wide. The power plant is an OS Surpass 90 four stroke with a Pitts Style muffler that exhausts under the cowl. It is equipped with a Spektrum 8 channel receiver and is also equipped with flaps (a great extra feature I love on R/C Aircraft!). We have a few pictures of the flaps in the extended position. In the past it was set up for smoke, but the components have been removed. We still have the smoke parts, but decided not to reinstall them. The colors and coating on this aircraft are as stunning in person as in the pictures! Another piece of this aircraft that is impressive is that in the electronics bay, all of the wiring, tubing, switches, etc, are all in their own place. John must have taken a long time to get the pieces we normally don’t see in order. The mark of a true artist! Hope you enjoy the aircraft! (Click on the photos below for a gallery of pictures!)


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