Checkered Hot Kanary! ID#01006

For your appreciation, I present to you the Hot Kanary, ID #01006! And yes, we think its HOT! Biplanes are always a favorite. This piece of R/C Aviation art was built right here in southeast Wisconsin by a great builder, Dan. During our conversation, he mentioned the incredible investment of time that he put into building this beauty and that this airplane means a lot to him. It is truly unique! This is a Top Flite Kit “Hot Kanary”. This kit is usually built with a 30 size motor, but Dan wanted the extra power for aerobatics, so he put in a 40 Webra to power this beast. Although there is not much flight time on it, I am sure it would have wowed us with its aerobatic potential. Overall, the length is 45″L and the wingspan is 38″W. I especially enjoy the wheel pants! Also, the yellow and black checkerboard accents give it a great flair. Those accents must have taken quite a while to get straight. Thanks to Dan for sharing this piece of art! Enjoy! (Click on the pictures below for a Gallery of photos!)


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