Excellent Bi-Plane! Great Detail! ID#01005

This excellent piece of aviation art was purchased from the Waukesha, WI area. It is a larger scale Bi-Plane that is absolutely gorgeous! The fabric covering on this plane was either done by a master builder or must have taken a long time to do! It is truly one that must be seen to really appreciate. From the appearance, it looks to be modeled after a WWI Spad VII. The wingspan is about 52″W and the overall length is 42″L. It is powered by an OS 90 Four-stroke engine and it swings a nice big prop! As you may notice, the exhaust system is intricately done and hand-made to look just like the Spad VII. Guess what!? The exhaust is fully functional and is the exhaust for the OS .90! How cool is that! The wires on the wing and landing gear supports were done very well also! We don’t know who built it or if it was a scratch build or a kit, but it is a very nice addition to R/C Aviation art! If you have any further info on this plane or its builder, please let us know! Enjoy! (Click on the pictures below for a Gallery of photos!)


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